Monday, May 9, 2011


beChicago is a blog to help people connect through common interests in efforts to help build community within the city of Chicago. How beChicago works is by providing a forum for various types of hobby groups to create profiles and for those seeking certain hobby groups to be able to view, join and start groups.

For example:

Someone moves to Chicago. They don't know anybody. They spend their free time running long-distance. They would love to join a runners' group but don't know how to find one. They go to beChicago and search through the various running groups. Perhaps Spanish is their first language. There is a Spanish speaking running group. They contact the group for times and locations and join the group. Say they don't like it and they want to practice their English and they also prefer to run with runners their age. Let's say 30 somethings. They can search for a 30 somethings group. Say they want a running group of their gender only. They can search for a Men Only, Women Only, 30 somethings group.  If they cannot find a group of their liking they may start one. 

Note:  Any group considered racially discriminatory, sexually or violently suggestive, or illegal will be removed.

As of right now beChicago does not have a website. I encourage you to use the comments under each category to create a bio for your group and also details regarding time and locations. Please put a email where the group can be contacted.

If you are interested in helping beChicago create a website please contact me at


Brett Erickson

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